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Canada Lockup

Access the Open Internet in Canada

Why Get a VPN in Canada?

The Canadian government heavily monitors Canada's internet, and one wrong download could land you with a fine—but with VyprVPN, you can hide your Canadian IP whether you use your VPN in Quebec or Calgary.

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Sidestep Downloading Caps

Bandwidth throttling in Canada can mean slow connection and downloading limitations. With VyprVPN, you can legally hide your IP address and conceal your internet activity.

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Beat Slow ISPs

Speed past Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and stream or download whatever you want without buffering problems or data caps, anywhere in the world.

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Dodge Government Surveillance

The Canadian government monitors its citizens’ data online, but VyprVPN blocks surveillance with no log, end-to-end encoding. That means no one sees your activity but you.

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Unblock Netflix, Hulu, HBO and More

Are your favorite shows geoblocked in Canada? VyprVPN unlocks streaming services worldwide so you can watch the shows you love from anywhere, lightning-fast.

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Get the First (and Only) Publicly Audited, No Log VPN

When it comes to our data logging, your internet traffic goes in and out of our servers encrypted, leaving no information behind. That means even we can't see your data. So we never sell it—unlike other VPNs for Canada (especially free VPNs).

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No 3rd Parties Here

We own and operate 100% of our servers and networks. That means NO third parties are ever given access to our servers for any reason, in Canada or anywhere else. This way, no unauthorized eyes snoop around your personal information and your data stay hidden, no matter what.


Interested in Anonymity?

When you disguise your IP address with any one of our 200,000+ global IP addresses, you can “place” your computer in any country you want and look local. From the moment you get online, our end-to-end encryption keeps your data unreadable, so the Internet doesn’t know where you are. Browse like no one’s watching because, with VyprVPN, no one can (not even us).

Canada’s Best VPN for all Devices

Got devices? Good—We’ve got VyprVPN apps. Keep your data safe no matter what device you’re using, routers and Smart TVs included.

Canada Desktop

VyprVPN Desktop

Access VyprVPN in one click, or choose your server, IP address and even VPN protocols manually while at home.

Canada Mobile

VyprVPN Mobile Apps

Get secure Internet connection on the go from your mobile device with our VPN Apps for Android and iOS (available in the App Store or Google Play).

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Stream Canadian Content From Anywhere in the World

The Shows You Love, From Anywhere

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Unblock Regional Websites

Unlock all the Canadian content you want from anywhere in the world, no geoblocking, firewalls or censorship. Just swap your IP address with one of our Canadian IP addresses and go to town.

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Watch at Home, or on the Go

VyprVPN has 70+ servers worldwide, all optimized to guarantee world-class streaming speeds. Whether you’re living in Canada or traveling abroad, you get unlimited bandwidth and unlimited server switching with any of our 200,000+ IP addresses (accessible by desktop, mobile, and all app-using devices in between).

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Global VPN Without Restrictions

VyprVPN provides lightning-fast streaming without usage or data caps. Switch between servers and IP addresses as much as you like at no additional cost. Unleash your Internet’s potential today.

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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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