How does a VPN Work?

A VPN creates a secure Internet connection where your Internet provider sees only encrypted data, and the final destination sees only VyprVPN location and IP information.

Without a VPN

Websites see:

  • Your IP
  • Your location

Your ISP sees:

  • The websites you are visiting
  • The videos you are watching
  • Who you e-mail
  • Who you instant message
  • Your downloads and uploads

With a VPN

Websites see:

  • VyprVPN IP
  • VyprVPN location

Your ISP sees:

  • Encrypted VyprVPN traffic
  • No website URLs, videos, e-mails, IMs or downloads

Your Location: United States

Your IP Address:

VyprVPN Location: United Kingdom

VyprVPN IP Address:

VyprVPN Protects Your Privacy

VyprVPN protects your privacy and prevents your ISP from monitoring and controlling your online communications and browsing activity. Keep your location private and switch freely to your choice of multiple global VPN server locations.

  • Protect your online activity from third parties.

    Stop governments and employers from monitoring and controlling your online activities. A VPN creates a secure tunnel to the Internet, allowing you to experience the online world without website blocks, censorship or corporate firewalls.

  • Protect your IP address.

    The IP address is a personal identifier. Prevent websites from using your IP address to identify you or your location. With VyprVPN, websites will only see that our servers are communicating with them.

  • Prevent Geo-targeting and location identification.

    A personal VPN replaces your IP address with one that isn't tied to your physical location. Prevent online marketers, search engines and content providers from knowing where you are. Choose any of our global VyprVPN locations.

  • Defeat ISP deep packet inspection.

    Maintain your privacy and speed by keeping your ISP from inspecting, prioritizing and throttling the data sent to and from your device.

VyprVPN Secures Your Internet Connection

Hackers and third-party snoops can easily view your IMs, e-mails and financial transactions when you browse without a personal VPN. VyprVPN encrypts Internet connections on various network types like Wi-Fi Hotspots, Cellular Networks and Private wired networks.

  • Secure your connection on public Wi-Fi Hotspots.

    Without a personal VPN, hackers and data sniffers can tap into your connection on an unsecured public Wi-Fi Hotspot.

  • Create a secure connection from any location and any device.

    You can use your VPN on your laptop and desktop computers as well as with iPhone, iPad or Android devices. On the go or at home, create a secure Internet connection on all your devices.

  • Stop data sniffers from accessing your private information.

    A personal VPN encrypts all data you send and receive. Your passwords, e-mails and browsing activity are scrambled to prevent data sniffers from reading them.

  • Secure your personal e-mail and instant message communications.

    Prevent hackers from intercepting your e-mails and instant messages with personal VPN encryption.

Mobile Apps

VyprVPN for Android and VyprVPN for iOS encrypt your Internet connection on your mobile device to protect your email, web browsing and data transfer. Easily switch between VyprVPN server locations with a single tap.

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Desktop Apps

VyprVPN for Windows and VyprVPN for Mac automatically configure VyprVPN connections on your computer without the need for manual setup. Switch freely between VyprVPN server locations and VPN protocols with a single click.

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