VyprVPN Pricing: What Does VyprVPN Cost?

Choose the best VyprVPN price for you. Whether globetrotting or protecting your home connection year-round, security-savvy netizens turn to VyprVPN for blazing fast VPN plans as low as $5.00/mo.

  • VyprVPN Pricing Cost

    VyprVPN Standard Plan

    Achieve an optimized Internet experience on three devices simultaneously with end-to-end encryption and not a single 3rd party hosting provider in sight. A Standard account is only $9.95 per month. Enjoy half off the Standard VyprVPN price for $60.00 when protecting your connection yearly.

  • VyprVPN Premium Account Pricing

    VyprVPN Premium Plan

    Additional connections and our proprietary Chameleon™ protocol are included with every Premium account. We also help defend your data on DigitalOcean, Amazon Web Services, or VirtualBox with VyprVPN Cloud . Most VyprVPN users choose the best value of the Premium service at the deep discount of just $80.00 annually, but you can also safeguard your data one month at a time for $12.95 per month.

  • VyprVPN for Business Pricing

    VyprVPN for Business

    Protect your hard work and your employees with VyprVPN Business . We make it simple to manage your team through your account, connect to our global business servers, and rest easy with a personal account manager committed to your needs.

  • VyprVPN for Business Cost

    Business Premium - Cloud

    Add dedicated IPs and servers devoted to your account through VyprVPN Cloud for more control over your network. Deploy VyprVPN on your server in moments and effortlessly connect to apps.

Why Choose VyprVPN?

VPNs are essential tools for online safety, and we understand there's more to protecting your connection than just changing your IP address. That's why VyprVPN delivers an array of exclusive features to expand security, provide top engineering to maintain performance, and offers sleek, practical apps to bolster your online adventures using all your devices.

  • VyprVPN Premium Free Trial

    Tons of Features

    • All of our servers belong to us, which means we are the only company in contact with your data and you benefit from the freedom of an open Internet with no bandwidth caps. Connect to 700+ servers in our top-tier network with peace of mind and without restrictions.
    • Secure your Internet experience from deep packet inspection with our Chameleon™ technology, or connect using other popular protocols like OpenVPN™, L2TP/IPsec and PPTP.
    • VyprVPN Cloud is the optimum solution for protecting your cloud services.
    • An ingrained NAT Firewall guards against hackers and bots.
    • All VyprVPN connections use our zero-knowledge VyprDNS service, giving you another layer of security between your connection and meddlesome snoops.
  • VyprVPN Easy-to-Use Apps | VyprVPN Pricing

    Easy-to-Use Apps

    • Android, iOS, and Blackphone users rejoice! VyprVPN does not discriminate against devices. Install VyprVPN on Windows , iOS , Android , Mac OS X , Linux, Blackphone and routers with ease.
    • Apple TV and Android TV support is included!
    • VyprVPN connections are compatible with QNAP and Anonabox.
    • We always recommend you take advantage of the VyprVPN app features. But, if you’re going for minimalism, setting up manual connections are a snap!
  • Performance Leader | VyprVPN Pricing and Features

    Performance Leader

    • VyprVPN is engineered for reliable performance and our global network is built for the momentum of your online life.
    • With no data caps and unlimited server switching through our server clusters, finding your fastest connection is no trouble.
    • Get quick answers to common VPN questions from our Help Center.
    • Looking for more detailed information about a topic? Our support team is available through chat and email 24 hours a day all year long.

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