Use VyprVPN with Boxee Box to bring an unrestricted Internet and all the media it provides straight to your living room. Transpose the freedom of the Internet to your HDTV in 1080p and Dolby Surround Sound, with an easy to use interface.

With Boxee you can:

  • Send videos from your iPad straight to your TV with your wifi connection, so everyone in your living room can enjoy
  • Access all your favorite apps such as Netflix, HBO GO, Spotify, Grooveshark and more
  • Stay connected socially by seeing what your friends are sharing on Facebook and Twitter and share what you're watching or listening to

Boxee is tailored to your couch and comes with a two-faced remote that includes a full QWERTY keyboard to make searching simple. Users can also use their iPhone and Android phone as a remote as well. Boxee Box supports all types of media in several different formats. Several different connections are included so you can access your media from almost anywhere or from any device.

  • HDMI Out
  • 2 USB 2.0 ports
  • SD card reader
  • Audio outputs (S/PDIF & Composite)
  • 802.11n Ethernet port for wireless connectivity