Welcome to Dump Truck: Part 3 – Dump Truck Secure Sharing

January 27, 2013

Dump Truck
We continue our “Welcome to Dump Truck” Blog series today with Part 3 – Dump Truck Secure Sharing. We will show you how to use the Web App as your headquarters for sharing your files with your friends and family. In case you missed them, check out Part 2 – Dump Truck Web App or Part 1 – Dump Truck Desktop.

Dump Truck has a lot of powerful sharing tools that are all accessible through the Dump Truck Web App. You can use the Web App to create a single link or multiple links for a file or folder and protect links using passwords and expiration dates.


How to Share with Dump Truck

Link Security

Public Links

It’s easy to create a public link with Dump Truck. Just click the checkbox next to the item you want to share and click the “Get Link” icon in the action bar. This will launch the public link window where you can see your new link. At this point you can share the links using any method you choose. We also have built-in tools to post your links to Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, and Facebook.

Multiple Links Supported

Creating multiple links for the same file or folder is unique feature of Dump Truck. You can assign each link a unique name, track downloads per link, or protect links using passwords and expiration dates.

How to Add Security Options to Your Links

Link Security Options

Password Protection

Use password protection for links to provide secure access to a file or folder. When a public link is protected with a password, users will be required to enter a password prior to accessing the file or folder.

Expiration Dates

You can set expiration dates to restrict access for a limited period of time. Set a shared file to expire in a day or whatever time period you prefer.

View Analytics on Your Links

Public Links

Another unique feature of Dump Truck is the ability to view the number of downloads for a file or folder so you can track usage. This is helpful to see if a shared file has been downloaded or accessed.

We hope Part 3 of the “Welcome to Dump Truck” Blog series helped you understand how to securely share files and folders using the Dump Truck Web App. We continue our “Welcome to Dump Truck ” blog series, with Part 4 – Dump Truck Mobile Apps. In Part 4 we will cover features of the Dump Truck Mobile for iOS and Android.

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