Golden Frog Co-CEO Ron Yokubaitis to Speak at Senator Ted Cruz’s Open Internet Press Conference

November 12, 2014

Ron Yokubaitis, an Internet pioneer, entrepreneur and longtime champion for online privacy has been invited to address the audience at Senator Ted Cruz’s press conference in Austin, Texas on Friday, November 14th. During the event, Senator Cruz will unveil his Internet agenda for the upcoming legislative session.

Setting the stage for Sen. Cruz, Yokubaitis will explain how the government often relies on private third party service providers to obtain individuals’ customer data, transactional data and even content, rather than obtaining that information directly from the individual. He will argue this all-encompassing gathering of Americans’ personal data must stop. Individually and collectively, these efforts give rise to privacy concerns, threaten individual liberty and property and violate the Constitution.

Yokubaitis will also note the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) must prevent Internet service providers (ISPs) from blocking encryption technologies. Neither the FCC’s current proposed options for regulating the Internet nor the current rules that are in place protect the privacy of consumers and businesses from ISPs.

The event begins at 2:30pm CT, on November 14th in Austin, Texas.

We’ll have people on the ground to take pictures and will live tweet from @Golden_Frog, or follow #takebackyourinternet

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