Mimo Beta Usenet Browser + Golden Frog Usenet Search Now Available

November 02, 2010

After adding or fixing nearly 450 features based on tech preview feedback from Giganews Diamond members, we’re excited to announce the Beta release of Mimo and Golden Frog Usenet Search.

We designed these Usenet tools to create a new Usenet experience specifically for Giganews members and are excited to be working with the world’s best Usenet provider. The Giganews servers are powerful: capable of handling retention growth and providing fast download speeds whether the article is 1 day old or 800+ days old!

Together, Mimo and Golden Frog Usenet Search are the world’s only cross-platform Usenet browser with integrated search that can index all 800+ days of Giganews’ retention.  Not only that, we’re able to keep up dynamically with Giganews’ retention as it continues to grow.

We’ll be keeping both Mimo and Golden Frog Usenet Search in continuous active development, so please request features or report bugs by contacting Giganews Support or posting in our newsgroup at giganews.mimo. Giganews works closely with our development team, allowing us to incorporate member feedback and resolve bugs quickly. Over the coming months, we will continue to improve Mimo’s performance, user-friendliness and resiliency.

Mimo and Golden Frog Usenet Search are free with all Giganews Diamond memberships today. Join the new Usenet experience.  Become a Diamond Giganews member now.

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