Wunder is a digital agency that values the importance of online privacy.

Meet Wunder

Wunder is a digital agency based in London that offers Drupal and agile web services. Wunder employees nearly 200 people across 9 countries, and has always encouraged remote working. Wunder employees work from a wide variety of locations - from their homes, client offices around the globe, coffee shops, international conferences and even their summer homes! While remote working is convenient, it also means that accessing resources securely is a top priority – and challenge.

Find out why it is important for Wunder to protect and restrict access to resources.

The Challenge

Protect and Restrict Access to Resources Across Countries

Wunder needed to protect and restrict access to all their internal and client resources from locations around the globe. Most importantly, they needed a way to do so easily. Wunder was implementing several different VPN solutions in various countries where employees worked from - some of which were commercially managed, while others were self-managed. The system was extremely varied and disjoined, as Wunder lacked an easy-to-use, centrally-managed solution to fulfill their needs.

The solution for Wunder to protect their privacy is VyprVPN for Business Cloud.

The Solution

VyprVPN for Business Cloud

Wunder evaluated several local service providers and some international VPN providers. Offerings varied greatly, and it was difficult to determine if providers offered the appropriate features to meet Wunder’s needs -- until they evaluated VyprVPN for Business Cloud. VyprVPN for Business Cloud offered private, dedicated VPN servers, which were ideally suited to Wudner’s unique requirements. These servers allowed employees to securely access resources from any location, and gave Wunder the peace of mind that their client information and private internal resources were always protected and secured. Add in the combination of high-performance and reasonable pricing, and Wunder was sold.

Wunder has improved their efficiency and business security with VyprVPN for Business Cloud.

The Benefit

Improved Efficiency Allows for Focus on Core Business

VyprVPN for Business Cloud greatly improved the business process for Wunder. By offering an easy-to-use and centralized solution with simple configuration, VyprVPN for Business Cloud allows Wunder to concentrate on their core business. They can now easily manage cross-country access to different resources, improving efficiency for the team. Since all of the resources are secured through VyprVPN for Business Cloud's encrypted connection, Wudner’s leadership feels confident their valuable sensitive information, and that of their clients, is always protected. Employees benefit greatly too, as they’re able to easily secure their connection from any location.