VyprVPN Changelog - Windows

Version 3.1.0

October 10, 2019

Release Notes:

  • New Updated OpenVPN client & the OpenVPN TAP adapter.
  • New Updated Visual C++ library.
  • New Removed outdated PPTP protocol.
  • New Added Russian language support.
  • New Added optional Beta Updates toggle to the About screen.
  • Fix Addressed some issues with the Contact Support form.
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Version 3.0

August 20, 2019

Release Notes:

  • New VyprVPN has a new look! Staying safe on the web can get complicated but connecting to your VPN shouldn't be. It's now easier than ever to browse and connect to our global VPN servers, customize your VPN connections, and take advantage of an open and secure Internet.
  • New Intuitive server selection makes connecting easy
  • New Choose a new location without having to manually disconnect
  • Fix Several stability and performance improvements
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Version 2.16.4

May 28, 2019

Release Notes:

  • Fix We regularly update our app to improve performance and fix bugs to help you stay securely connected.
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Version 2.16.3

March 6, 2019

Release Notes:

  • New Made installing and updating faster & more reliable
  • Fix Improved ping & flag behavior in the Server List
  • Fix Improved PPTP connectivity
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Version 2.16.1

January 3, 2019

Release Notes:

  • Fix We regularly update our app to improve performance and fix bugs to help you stay securely connected.
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Version 2.16

December 23, 2018

Release Notes:

  • Fix We regularly update our app to improve performance and fix bugs to help you stay securely connected.
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Version 2.15

November 29, 2018

Release Notes:

  • New VyprVPN is now a certified & independently audited No Log VPN, with absolutely none of your private data or activity being transmitted, monitored, or exposed to third parties. We are fully committed to protecting our users, we do not sell data to generate revenue and we will never allow the personal information of our users to be exposed or misused.
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Version 2.14.1

September 13, 2018

Release Notes:

  • Fix Updated app links
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Version 2.14.0

August 29, 2018

Release Notes:

  • Fix We regularly update our app to improve performance and fix bugs to help you stay securely connected.
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Version 2.13.1

June 11, 2018

Release Notes:

  • Fix We regularly update our app to improve performance and fix bugs to help you stay securely connected.
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Version 2.13

April 2, 2018

Release Notes:

  • New Major updates to improve VPN connection process.
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Version 2.12.1

February 20, 2018

Release Notes:

  • New Minor app updates
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Version 2.12

January 30, 2018

Release Notes:

  • New Protocol cycling feature to automatically troubleshoot connection issues
  • Fix Improvements to fastest server connection and stability
  • Fix Improvements to reduce connection failures
  • Fix Minor defect fixes
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Version 2.11

September 26, 2017

Release Notes:

  • New Minor app updates
  • Fix Minor defect fixes
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Version 2.10

August 3, 2017

Release Notes:

  • Fix Minor app updates
  • Fix Fixed issue with "Connect on Untrusted Wi-Fi" connecting on trusted networks
  • Fix Updated web links within Settings menu
  • Fix Added error messaging relating to connections
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Version 2.9.6

October 7, 2016

Release Notes:

  • Fix Simplified error messaging
  • Fix Expanded TAP adapter options
  • Fix Implemented new version of OpenVPN TAP adapter for 32-bit operating systems
  • Fix Minor app updates
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Version 2.9.5

July 25, 2016

Release Notes:

  • Fix Improved application stability
  • Fix Changed state handling of TAP adapter
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Version 2.9.1

July 1, 2016

Release Notes:

  • Fix Resolved issue creating a problem for some users when connecting or logging in
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Version 2.9.0

June 15, 2016

Release Notes:

  • New In-app account confirmation for sign-ups through the app
  • Fix Improved handling of issues related to VyprVPN Windows service
  • Fix Fixed authentication issues occurring for some users
  • Fix Minor UI defects
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Version 2.8.1

April 26, 2016

Release Notes:

  • Fix Minor app updates
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Version 2.8.0

April 14, 2016

Release Notes:

  • New Updates to OpenVPN & OpenSSL
  • New Added support for Arabic language
  • New Added "Forgot Password" option
  • Fix Fixed some minor crashes
  • Fix Minor UI improvements
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Version 2.7.10

March 3, 2016

Release Notes:

  • Fix Made improvements to DNS functionality over OpenVPN for newer versions of Windows
  • Fix Fixed some issues with DNS leak prevention causing browsing issues
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Version 2.7.9

February 2, 2016

Release Notes:

  • New Improved server list functionality to support VyprVPN Server
  • Fix Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented connections using OpenVPN or Chameleon while Kill Switch is active
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Version 2.7.8

October 1, 2015

Release Notes:

  • New Customize your OpenVPN connection! Under the new Advanced tab you can better troubleshoot connection issues, set up MTU tests for optimized connection quality, manually add parameters for any OpenVPN setting, and more.
  • New Italian and Turkish language support
  • New IPv6 traffic is now blocked while connected to the VPN and while Kill Switch is enabled
  • New Updated UI log to record property changes for better Support assistance
  • New Language is now included in app-tracking for better reporting
  • Fix Updated installer to use Unicode NSIS so that the translated strings will render correctly in languages not supported by the ANSI character set
  • Fix Customer IP address no longer logged locally while VPN is not connected
  • Fix Chameleon encryption level is displayed in the main UI
  • Fix Added network stabilizer check to prevent connect but cannot browse issues
  • Fix Unconfirmed account messaging now in main UI
  • Fix Manually saved port settings no longer being overwritten
  • Fix Updated copyright year in the installer and various project files
  • Fix Translation defects
  • Fix Certification Install Tool
  • Fix In-app upgrade Install Tool
  • Fix Stand alone TAP Install Tool
  • Fix Resolved service crash
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Version 2.7.7

August 24, 2015

Release Notes:

  • New Added support for VyprVPN Free account creation
  • New Share VyprVPN with your friends to get more free data each month!
  • New App-tracking on by default to help improve VyprVPN
  • Fix French translations on the Report a Bug screen
  • Fix Modified configuration so that the application can establish TLS 1.2 connections
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Version 2.7.6

July 28, 2015

Release Notes:

  • New Connect on Windows Start Up and automatic reconnect are now paired
  • New Windows dark mode task bar icons to support Windows 10
  • New VyprVPN TAP device updates for improved error recovery
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Version 2.7.5

May 7, 2015

Release Notes:

  • New Updated UI assets on login and main screen
  • Fix Removed log spam when untrusted Wi-Fi feature is enabled but Wi-Fi devices don't exist
  • Fix Changed install directory to no longer leave artifacts on uninstall
  • Fix Prevent the UI from launching until the service is ready
  • Fix Display an error message when unable to complete checking for updates
  • Fix Improved OpenVPN error messages and added localizations
  • Fix Fixed an issue where the task bar icon would get stuck in the Connecting state after a particular connection failure
  • Fix Added a connection log entry for "Log in failure"
  • Fix Categorized manual disconnects to not be included under "Connection dropped"
  • Fix Fixed Dutch localization of "Connecting"
  • Fix Added history going back to 2.5.0 to application changelogs
  • Fix Removed duplicate connection log entries for "Activating Kill Switch"
  • Fix Fixed OpenVPN error message for 6026 error to show number of attempted ports
  • Fix Added localization for update error message string
  • Fix Removed an incorrect prompt to reconnect for DNS changes
  • Fix Resolved null reference exceptions that occurred during the connection workflow
  • Fix Improved UI alignment of some features under Options
  • Fix Several performance enhancements and bug fixes
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Version 2.7.0

February 24, 2015

Release Notes:

  • New Chameleon and OpenVPN automatic port selection randomly scans for open ports to defeat intentional port blocking or throttling
  • New Chameleon and OpenVPN manual port selection allows you to choose the port
  • New Redesigned the Options tabs for improved setting selection and understanding
  • Fix Improved connection workflows to sync service and UI while connecting
  • Fix Improve sync issues with launching VyprVPN and initial connection
  • Fix Improved connection log reporting for Kill Switch App and System setting
  • Fix Removed redundant connection log entries for Kill Switch
  • Fix Created work around for launch issues caused by Windows .NET 4.5.2 update
  • Fix Resolved issue with sending crash reports not being sent correctly
  • Fix Removed Disconnected toast message when launching VyprVPN
  • Fix Resolved issue that was causing Options window to remain open after logging out
  • Fix Resolved issue preventing trusted Wi-Fi networks from being saved
  • Fix Resolved issue that could prevent the untrusted wifi feature to not initialize correctly
  • Fix Resolved several service and UI crashes
  • Fix UI bug highlighting incorrect explanation text
  • Fix Opt-in analytics reporting for new port selection feature
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Version 2.6.7

December 17, 2014

Release Notes:

  • New Updated Catel framework from 3.4 to 4.0
  • New Improved error handling for KillSwitch and DNS leak protection
  • New Improved stability and performance for OpenVPN management
  • New Several performance enhancements
  • Fix Fastest server- incorrect server selection caused by VPN
  • Fix remove an empty utilities directory created on install
  • Fix connect on unknown-wifi and fastest server bug
  • Fix removed duplicate Chameleon processes
  • Fix Public IP in detecting state bug
  • Fix connection log recording bug
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Version 2.6.5

November 20, 2014

Release Notes:

  • Fix Several performance enhancements and bug fixes
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Version 2.6

October 7, 2014

Release Notes:

  • New Fastest Server is now available! App will automatically connect to the fastest server based on your network latency.
  • New Select fastest server from the server list, sidecar button and menu bar.
  • New Added a Jump List: Disconnect, Open Settings, or Quit VyprVPN from the Windows task bar.
  • New Notifications now available! Added notifications for connections, disconnections and errors.
  • Fix Several performance enhancements and bug fixes.
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Version 2.5.3

September 11, 2014

Release Notes:

  • New Kill Switch is now available! Kill Switch stops all Internet traffic when not connected to VyprVPN.
  • New Users can choose between two Kill Switch options: App and System
  • New App Kill Switch: stop all Internet traffic only when VyprVPN application is running.
  • New System Kill Switch: stop all Internet traffic even if VyprVPN application is not running.
  • New New TAP driver! TAP-VyprVPN replaces TAP-Windows. New TAP-VyprVPN driver reduces common errors and conflicts with other TAP-Windows drivers.
  • Fix OpenVPN buffer flush update.
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Version 2.4.6

July 9, 2014

Release Notes:

  • Fix Resolved issue that caused app to stay partially logged in.
  • Fix Resolved login issue which allowed user to login with invalid credentials.
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Version 2.4.5

June 16, 2014

Release Notes:

  • New When a user selects a server from the sidecar menu or system tray, the app will now start connecting without further user action
  • New Filtering, sorting and search added to the server list
  • New "Check for Updates" button added
  • New Windows 8 tile background support added
  • Fix Windows 8 taskbar icon resolution fixed
  • Fix Improved TAP-Windows device reliability
  • Fix Several bug fixes and performance enhancements
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Version 2.4

May 14, 2014

Release Notes:

  • New VyprDNS now available! VyprDNS is Golden Frog's 100% owned and operated DNS service available exclusively for VyprVPN users. We developed our zero-logging VyprDNS service to increase user privacy and defeat censorship across the world.
  • New Added 3rd Party DNS support
  • New Added DNS leak protection
  • Fix Closing the application window now removes the application from the taskbar
  • Fix Fixed bug where some OpenVPN connections would intermittently hang on "Connecting" state.
  • Fix Installer now allows user to remove VyprVPN settings and TAP driver.
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Version 2.3.3

April 25, 2014

Release Notes:

  • New New, improved installer designed to resolve several installation problems
  • New Installer is now translated into all supported languages
  • New Upgrade Chameleon for more robust connection establishment
  • New OpenVPN is now compatible with passwords including the characters \ and "
  • New New error code 6020 added to represent when OpenVPN exits unexpectedly
  • Fix Fixed issue where connect button does not correctly update status
  • Fix Fixed issue where IP Address stays in "Detecting" state indefinitely
  • Fix Improved startup of VyprVPN local service
  • Fix Several performance and stability improvements
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Version 2.3.2 R2

April 10, 2014

Release Notes:

  • Fix Upgrade OpenVPN to latest version
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Version 2.3.2

March 28, 2014

Release Notes:

  • Fix Vastly improved success rate for OpenVPN connections
  • Fix Improved OpenVPN error handling
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Version 2.3.1

March 21, 2014

Release Notes:

  • New Added setting for users to opt-in to receive Beta updates and receive early access to new features and bug fixes
  • New OpenVPN configuration for improved connectivity and security
  • New OpenVPN management port is now dynamically selected in a range of available ports
  • Fix Credentials are now stored correctly
  • Fix Fixed connect on Windows start failure
  • Fix Fixed various UI related application crashes
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Version 2.3

March 6, 2014

Release Notes:

  • New Auto-reconnect on unknown Wi-Fi networks
  • New Auto-reconnect on disconnect
  • New User can now select language for the app
  • New Login notifications for incorrect login, locked account and unconfirmed account
  • Fix OpenVPN performance enhancements
  • Fix In-app upgrade enhancements
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Version 2.2.3

February 25, 2014

Release Notes:

  • Fix Improved contact support functionality
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Version 2.2.2

February 6, 2014

Release Notes:

  • Fix Connection optimizations for the new Chameleon Protocol.
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Version 2.2.1

January 28, 2014

Release Notes:

  • New Reset TAP device for OpenVPN/Chameleon connections with 6005 errors
  • Fix Fixed VyprVPN Service crash from 2.2.0
  • Fix Fixed favorites sorting
  • Fix Contact support form is now available when logged out
  • Fix Fixed IP address display
  • Fix Added additional fields to crash reporting
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Version 2.2

January 15, 2014

Release Notes:

  • New Added support for Chameleon VPN!

    Without sacrificing speed or security, Chameleon, our 256-bit SSL protocol masks VPN traffic so it cannot be identified as a VPN connection and blocked. Chameleon scrambles packet data to ensure it's private, as well as fast and lightweight. The result is that Internet users are able to bypass firewalls and achieve an unrestricted Internet experience. Chameleon is great for users being blocked in countries such as China, Russia, India, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and Syria among others, or if you are experiencing speed issues related to bandwidth throttling. Chameleon is now available globally at every VyprVPN server location.

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Version 2.1

January 8, 2014

Release Notes:

  • New Added the ability to cancel a re-connection attempt
  • New Users can now limit the number of re-connection attempts
  • New Added "Apply" and "Cancel" buttons to the settings window
  • New Ported the internal VPN control library from C++ to C#
  • Fix Other performance enhancements and improved stability of the app
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Version 2.0.2

December 5, 2013

Release Notes:

  • Fix Fixed several common application crashes
  • Fix Fixed minor memory leak issue
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Version 2.0.1

November 22, 2013

Release Notes:

  • Fix Fixes an issue where the installer can cause Skype to fail login with an "I/O Error". Please use VyprVPN's in-app Contact Support if you are having "I/O Errors" when attempting to login to Skype.
  • Fix Fixes several application crashes experienced in 2.0.0
  • Fix Improve retry on WiFi detection
  • Fix Fixed Named Pipe binding issue causing installation/usability issues
  • Fix Properly sort the server listing
  • Fix Catch errors around launching URLs to default browser
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Version 2.0

November 18, 2013

Release Notes:

  • New New 2.0 Interface with easy one-click connect
  • New Speed graph with upload and download speeds
  • New Ability to favorite servers for quick access
  • New Ping test to find fastest servers
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Version 1.4.1

Version 1.4.1 includes bug fixes to address installer not preserving user settings during software update.

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Version 1.4

November 1, 2012

Version 1.4 includes support for Windows 8 and fixes several bugs.

Key Improvements:

  • New Support for Windows 8
  • Fix Bug fixes
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Version 1.3

July 11, 2012

Version 1.3 addresses problems with upgrades triggering alerts by Anti-Virus software and also increases security by preventing connection problems due to malicious third party DNS poisoning.

Key Improvements:

  • New When the VyprVPN App checks for available updates, files associated with this action are digitally signed to message antivirus software that the files are safe.
  • Fix The VyprVPN App prevents connection problems due to malicious third party DNS poisoning.
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Version 1.2

May 25, 2012

Version 1.2 adds additional settings for the highly requested auto-connect/auto-reconnect features and also fixes a Windows XP bug.

Key Improvements:

  • New Added new settings to the VyprVPN settings tab:

    • Launch application on login
    • Connect when application launches
    • Re-connect when connection drops
  • Fix Fixed occasional PPTP connection failures on Windows XP Service Pack 3
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Version 1.1

March 22, 2012

The VyprVPN App Version 1.1 refines several elements of the application and fixes a number of bugs for an improved user experience.

Key Improvements:

  • New Windows VPN description will now simply say "VyprVPN", rather than incrementing server location names after each reconnection, e.g., "Amsterdam (17)", "Amsterdam (18)", etc. on Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • New Windows 7 will now only ask for network type (Public, Work, Home) the first time VyprVPN App connects using PPTP or L2TP.
  • New Updates no longer require a reboot.
  • New Recent connections now work even if a user decides to not save their password.
  • New Application now automatically generates crash logs allowing Golden Frog developers to quickly diagnose and fix problems.
  • Fix Fixed issue where VyprVPN App would report an active OpenVPN connection before OpenVPN started passing Internet traffic.
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Version 1.0

February 21, 2012

Version 1.0 addresses Performance, Usability, and Reliability, with updates to the menu and support for additional languages as the most visible changes.

Key changes in this release of VyprVPN improve:

  • Installation

    • The installer and the program are now digitally signed for improved security
    • Text throughout the installer has been updated to improve clarity
    • Support for multiple languages based on your Windows locale
    • Additional reliability and cosmetic improvements in the installer and the uninstaller
  • The VyprVPN Settings window

    • Password authentication is now attempted automatically after a pause in typing
    • Only displayed at login if no VyprVPN user configuration is saved
    • Changes to the labels and availability of the buttons to improve clarity
    • Support for multiple languages based on your Windows locale
    • The list of available VPN Locations is now sorted alphabetically
    • Appears in the Windows task bar only when the Settings window is open
    • Additional cosmetic improvements
  • The VyprVPN Menu

    • Easier and more intuitive access to the VyprVPN menu
    • An Exit command that disconnects active VPN connections and unloads the program
    • Selecting a Recent Connection now immediately attempts to connect
    • Recent Connection listings now include a flag for their respective coutry
    • More informative tooltip popups when the mouse hovers over the VyprVPN icon
    • Support for multiple languages based on your Windows locale
  • Connectivity

    • Improved connection speed when establishing OpenVPN-protocol connections
    • Improved the reliability of establishing OpenVPN-protocol connections
    • PPTP and L2TP connection profiles updated to improve effective security
    • Corrected a potential loop with the option to autoconnect on insecure WiFi networks
    • More intuitive connection behavior when the VyprVPN option to remember your password is disabled
  • Support

    • Effective management of VyprVPN log files
    • New menu commands to access your VPN web control panel or report an issue
    • Giganews and Golden Frog versions can now both be installed on one system
    • When already running, the VyprVPN shortcut on the Windows Start menu now opens the running VyprVPN Settings window
    • Did we mention support for multiple languages?
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Version 0.9.3 - Initial Release

November 3, 2011

  • If User Account Control is enabled for your Windows account, you will need to confirm VyprVPN each time you log in.
  • To stop VyprVPN from loading every time you log in to Windows, simply remove the shortcut from the Startup folder of your Windows Start menu.
  • Your Username and Password are checked when:

    • The Password field has been changed, AND
    • The Password field loses focus

    So you can press the Tab key after entering your password, or you can click on any other field, including the Remember my password checkbox.

  • Windows 7 will hide the Notification Area icon by default.

    You should change this for the VyprVPN icon.

    1. Click the Show hidden icons button at the left of the Notification Area.
    2. Click Customize.
    3. Find VyprVpn in the list of Icons.
    4. Change the selected Behavior from Only show notifications to Show icon and notifications.
    5. Click OK.
  • VyprVPN is not too aggressive about retrying when you first attempt to connect a VPN.

    If the initial connection attempt does not succeed, right-click the VyprVPN icon in the Notification Area, and select Connect.

  • The list of available VPN Server Locations will automatically update as we add additional cities.
  • If you log out of Windows, or if you use the Windows Switch User feature, any active VPN connection will be disconnected.
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