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Secure Your Internet Connection

Encrypt your Internet connection on various network types like Wi-Fi hotspots, cellular networks and private wired networks.

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Protect Your Privacy

Prevent your ISP from monitoring and controlling your online communications and browsing activity.

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Restore Your Online Freedom

Defeat throttling for faster speeds, bypass firewalls and content restrictions, and appear local to any of our global VyprVPN locations.

Easy-to-Use Apps for Every Device

VyprVPN offers sleek, cutting-edge apps for Windows , Mac , Android and iOS so you can secure your desktop and mobile devices in seconds. Our apps are fast, easy-to-use and stable with time-saving features like one-click connect, one-tap server selection, and a ping test to choose the fastest server.

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GigaOM, Life Hacker, The New York Times
The Verge, Yahoo!, Ars Technica

Your Data. Our Servers. No Third Parties.

Unlike our competitors who use 3rd parties to host their VPN servers and DNS, we write 100 percent of our software, manage our network, own the DNS , and own the hardware enabling us to deliver fast and reliable VPN service. We're the only company who handles your data so your privacy and security are protected from end-to-end.

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No Third Parties

Blazing VPN Speeds and Engineered VPN Performance

We engineered VyprVPN to have the highest level of speed and security for broadband Internet connections. Whether you are in Norteamérica, Sudamérica, Europa, Asia, África u Oceanía, our network engineers build and continually manage our own global VPN network to provide the fastest VPN speeds across the globe.

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Más de 70 ubicaciones globales de servidores con más de 200.000 direcciones IP

  • Más de 700 servidores
  • Applicaciones para Facil Cambio de Servidor.
  • Velocidad Ilimitada
  • Cambios Ilimitados de un Servidor a otro

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Relentless Innovation

We're always innovating to stay ahead of the ever-changing digital landscape. Our new Chameleon™ technology defeats VPN blocking and throttling worldwide. Chameleon uses the unmodified OpenVPN 256-bit protocol and scrambles the metadata to ensure it’s not recognizable via deep packet inspection (DPI). This gives users an open and unrestricted Internet experience.

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"¡El mejor servicio de VPN! El precio no podría ser mejor por el servicio que VyprVPN proporciona. No ralentiza mi conexión y sé que siempre estoy protegido en línea."

Brandon C.

"Un servicio fantástico que puedo usar en todos mis aparatos. El servicio más fácil y estable que he usado hasta ahora. Gracias y continua con el buen trabajo."

Gaute S.

" Como alguien que valora mi libertad y privacidad es alentador descubrir una compañía que comparte estos valores."

Andrew M.