Choose Which Devices Use VPN

Maybe you want your laptop, PS4 and iPad to use VPN, but not your Smart TV. The VyprVPN Router App makes that possible.

Choose which devices use VyprVPN.
  • Set Unique VPN Preferences for Each Device

    For each device connected to your router you can choose to always use VPN, use VPN when possible (but connect anyway if unavailable), or bypass VPN entirely.

  • Default Settings for All Unspecified Devices

    You can apply default settings to all devices you haven't specified settings for. This allows you to configure how you want guests and other unplanned devices to use VPN.

Manage All Your Connections from One Place

Control the VPN settings for all devices on your router with one click. Change server locations, protocols and more from one place.

Control the VPN settings for all devices on your router with one click.

Exclusive/Other Features

We engineered exclusive security and privacy features for defeating censorship, encrypting your connection and protecting your personal data.

  • Multiple Protocols

    Choose between multiple protocols including PPTP, OpenVPN (160-bit & 256-bit) and Chameleon.

  • Proprietary Chameleon™ Technology

    Chameleon scrambles OpenVPN packet metadata so it cannot be recognized and blocked.

  • VyprDNS

    VyprDNS, Golden Frog's own zero logging DNS, prevents 3rd party DNS logging and censorship.

VPN Router Setup & Configuration

The VyprVPN Router app is only compatible with routers on the Tomato MIPS/ARM framework and you must already have active VyprVPN service to use it. The app works like a plugin, adding VyprVPN tabs to your normal router settings tabs. Follow these step-by-step VPN router setup instructions to equip your router with VyprVPN.