Bypass Censorship

Many countries impose Internet censorship, restricting what sites residents can access when browsing online. They may do so by blocking content, including entire websites and services, or by using a filtering mechanism to control the country's Internet. With VyprVPN you can bypass these restrictions and access an unrestricted Internet from anywhere in the world.

Bypass Internet censorship that is enforced by your government.

Escape the Great Firewall

Bypass censorship imposed by the Chinese government through the Great Firewall. VyprVPN's proprietary Chameleon technology defeats VPN blocking, allowing you to access an unrestricted Internet from China.

Break through the Great Firewall of China, and access your favorite websites with VyprVPN.

Avoid Workplace and School Blocks

Many workplaces and schools implement Internet blocks, limiting what students and employees can access online. VyprVPN enables you to bypass these blocks and enjoy an unrestricted Internet.

Avoid workplace and school censorship and access the content you need.