We Make Privacy and Security Easy

In addition to our desktop and mobile apps, we make reclaiming your online privacy, security and freedom easy. It's as simple as selecting Connect on your Android TV devices.

Improve Your Streaming Experience

Use VyprVPN with your smart TV to improve your streaming speeds, access geo-blocked content and maintain security while streaming online.

Defeat throttling with VyprVPN for Android TV

Powerful Features Available for VyprVPN for Android TV

The VyprVPN for Android TV app has several different features to help you customize your experience.

  • Automate VyprVPN connections

    Automate your VyprVPN Connections

    Customize VyprVPN to automatically connect whenever you need it when using your Android TV device.

  • Monitor your connection speeds

    View Speed Graph

    Monitor your connection speed and view your upload or download speeds with VyprVPN enabled or disabled.

  • Connect to any of our servers conveniently

    Fast, Convenient Server Selection

    VyprVPN for Android makes it fast and convenient to switch between all of VyprVPN's 70+ worldwide server locations.

  • Easy Setup

    Configure Port Selections

    Manually or automatically scan for open ports to get more consistent and successful VyprVPN connections.

Get Started on Android TV

Set up on your Android TV device is easy. Golden Frog users can start by downloading our TV-compatible APK and following these setup instructions.