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October 12, 2016

The Effects of Internet Censorship

Many businesses do not properly prepare when employees are traveling to countries that heavily censor the Internet, such as China. Some organizations operating in China fail to understand just how pervasive government censorship is, and only discover this fact when their employees are unable to access documents, websites or even send emails.

The most commonly used business tool currently blocked by the Chinese government is Gmail. Sending and receiving simple emails through the program is impossible for Internet users within the country. To imagine a place where Gmail isn’t accessible is hard, yet throughout China this is a reality. And it’s not just Google’s Gmail which is blocked, but the whole G Suite family of products. This includes Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs and even Google Hangouts. Any business not prepared to handle the absence of these essential tools will soon find themselves unable to operate when traveling and working from China.

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VyprVPN for Business offers a solution to this problem. VyprVPN for Business allows users to bypass Internet censorship and restrictions in China and restrictive locations around the world. With VyprVPN, users can retain access to all necessary business tools and access sites freely, despite the local censorship in place. VyprVPN allows users to select from one of over 70 server locations worldwide, maintaining access to a free and open Internet. With VyprVPN for Business, it’s possible to maintain access to the G Suite from Google Cloud, so organizations can ensure work will continue uninterrupted while traveling or working in China.

VyprVPN is the most effective utility for accessing business tools outside the office. Using a VPN also has other benefits, and offers employees strong privacy and security every time they connect. Learn more about VyprVPN for Business, or contact us now to get started.

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