Can You Be Anonymous Online? Golden Frog Debunks 10 Myths

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Can You Be Anonymous Online? Golden Frog Debunks 10 Myths

July 28, 2015

We just released I am Anonymous When I Use a VPN – 10 Myths Debunked in the “Take Back Your Internet” section of our website. This is an updated version of our 7 Myths Debunked article from last year, with three new myths for 2015!

The 10 Myths Debunked article explores disturbing trends we’ve seen in the VPN industry, specifically of VPN providers offering “anonymous” or “no logging” services yet providing little (if any) transparency about what user data they have access to and what they actually do with it.

We hope dispelling some of these common myths will lead to a more transparent and frank discussion about privacy in the VPN industry and on the Internet in general, and we’ll be sharing these myths in a series of blog posts over the next few weeks. To get things started, here’s Myth #1.

Myth #1: I Can Be Anonymous on the Internet

Reality: You are not anonymous when you are online, even when using privacy tools. Privacy is a more realistic goal than anonymity.

What Golden Frog Does: Golden Frog doesn’t advertise that VyprVPN makes you anonymous on the Internet. Instead, we say it greatly improves your privacy and security online.

View more information on Myth #1 here!

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