China Blocks VPNs Again, VyprVPN Restores Service Quickly


China Blocks VPNs Again, VyprVPN Restores Service Quickly

September 18, 2017

The Chinese Government began aggressively blocking VyprVPN iOS connections today at around 7am CST. Based on reports VPN users posted on Chinese social media platform Weibo, the latest round of censorship appears to be a widespread blocking of multiple VPN providers, and this block looks to have targeted the VPN protocol used most commonly by iPhones and iPads. We rolled out workarounds, and are now back up and running only a few hours later. This quick turnaround by our engineers is one of the many benefits of running our own servers and network, allowing us to restore service ahead of other blocked VPN providers. The connection activity chart below illustrates the impact of China’s latest attempts to block VyprVPN and our success in working around these efforts.


China has been repeatedly and aggressively blocking VPNs in the past weeks and months, as part of ramped up censorship and Internet control occurring within the country. These latest blocks were unique in the way they were implemented, and it’s concerning to see China utilizing new methods of blocking.

In August the Chinese government asked Apple to remove major VPN apps from their China App Store, and China recently announced new regulations to ban VPNs from operating within the country by February 2018. This crackdown on circumvention tools and Internet freedoms is very concerning, and only perpetuates and intensifies their existing trend of censorship.

If you have any questions or issues accessing VyprVPN from China (or any other location), contact our customer support team.

Press Inquiries: If you’re a reporter or news outlet seeking additional details about the situation in China and/or VyprVPN’s current status, please send an email to [email protected].

Learn more about the situation in China by viewing our infographic: The Great Firewall Gets Stronger: China Ramps Up Internet Censorship in 2017

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