China Completely Blocks Wikipedia…Again


China Completely Blocks Wikipedia…Again

December 6, 2015

As reported by the International Business Times, China has blocked Wikipedia in “its entirety” – and this isn’t the first time. The site’s Chinese version was previously blocked, but now all versions of Wikipedia are blocked in China.

China has made a practice of blocking the site on and off for over ten years, as part of its sweeping Internet censorship called the Great Firewall. This most recent blocking may be the result of Wikipedia’s changing its “default protocol from HTTP to HTTPS, which has made it more difficult for China’s Great Firewall to filter specific pages and information.” Since it’s now harder to select specific pages to filter out, blocking the site has become “all or nothing.” And the government decided to block it all.

Wikipedia was first blocked in China in 2004. Learn more about the Great Firewall of China.

Source: China’s government has blocked Wikipedia in its entirety again

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