Coalition Groups Call for End to FISA Section 702


Coalition Groups Call for End to FISA Section 702

June 9, 2016

The FISA amendments expire in December of 2017 – but for many coalition groups behind a new website, it’s not too early to start thinking about what will happen next. An effort led by Fight for the Future is advocating for an end to section 702 of the FISA amendments, which is the section allowing for mass surveillance programs in the United States. This amendment has allowed for the PRISM and UPSTREAM programs that the government uses to snoop on electronic communications taking place on major platforms (for example Google, Yahoo). This surveillance occurs without a warrant, and applies to both United States citizens and others around the world.

The website calls for an end to 702 next year as planned by its expiration date, or for the government to enact substantial reforms on this law if it isn’t sunsetted. The groups aim to stop any extension to the law that may be called into action, as this bill has been allowing for unchecked surveillance. You can learn more in this EFF briefing.


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