Congressman Says “Nobody Needs to Use the Internet” – We Disagree

Congressman Says “Nobody Needs to Use the Internet” – We Disagree

April 19, 2017

This week, Rep Jim Sensenbrenner said he didn’t believe Congress needed to enact Internet privacy guidelines because nobody needs to use the Internet. Yes, you read that right – he said nobody needs to use the Internet.

As many were quick to point out this is a charge that is completely out of touch, not to mention false. While it’s true there are some things you don’t need the Internet for, in today’s interconnected and wired world many people rely on the Internet to work and to live their daily lives. The internet is an absolute necessity for many when paying bills, conducting regular everyday business in the workplace and working on projects for school or completing a degree. It isn’t reasonable to say that those seeking online privacy should refrain from using the Internet altogether – or that this would even be possible if they wanted to. As we’ve always believed at Golden Frog, Internet use is a basic right for all as is having control over your privacy.

This response is just another example of those making policy decisions being out of touch with technology and how ingrained it is in our day-to-day lives. After hearing these latest comments and we’d love to know – what can you think of that we absolutely need the Internet for?

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