Data Foundry / Golden Frog Submit Brief to FCC in Support of Open Internet Rules

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Data Foundry / Golden Frog Submit Brief to FCC in Support of Open Internet Rules

July 16, 2017

Co-CEO Yokubaitis Makes Argument for Open Access

AUSTIN, TEXAS – July 17, 2017 – On behalf of Data Foundry and Golden Frog, Co-CEO Ron Yokubaitis today submitted a legal brief to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in support of keeping rules that provide consumer protection from unchecked Internet Service Provider (ISP) abuses.

“The current rules prevent service providers from influencing what customers can watch, or even limit which websites you can visit,” said Yokubaitis. “In essence, they strengthen innovation and freedom of expression online. It would be a shame to see the last remnants of accountability for ISPs completely abolished.” 

Yokubaitis is a longtime consumer and industry advocate for privacy, surveillance limitations, cybersecurity, and the Open Internet. In the brief, Ron ensured that a sizable portion of the argument also called for a return to Open Access rules that would encourage innovation, create competitive options for consumers and would promote privacy, accountability, and innovation. The comments also exposed – again – several past ISP abuses witnessed by our companies (throttling and blocking) to counter the FCC’s recent assertion that the large ISPs have not harmed their users by engaging in these acts. 

Click here to see the brief. Please contact Carlos Espinosa with any follow up questions on this matter at [email protected]

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