Welcome to Dump Truck: Part 1 – Dump Truck Desktop


Welcome to Dump Truck: Part 1 – Dump Truck Desktop

December 18, 2012

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been busy launching Dump Truck online storage – free 5GB accounts for anyone who signs up! And we are glad to say that a lot of you have signed up! We are also pleased to see all of the VyprVPN users who are actively using Dump Truck – it’s free with every VyprVPN account. Thanks for your feedback!

Over the next month, we will publish a “Welcome to Dump Truck” blog series to introduce Dump Truck’s apps and features to everyone. In this blog post, we will cover Dump Truck Desktop – an application that allows a folder on your Mac or Windows computer to sync to your Dump Truck account.

Dump Truck Desktop is the easiest way to upload all of your files from your computer into Dump Truck. Once Dump Truck Desktop is installed, a Dump Truck folder is created for you to sync your files from your computer into Dump Truck. To upload your photos and important documents, simply move them into your Dump Truck folder and they will automatically sync and be safely stored in Dump Truck.

Your Dump Truck folder on your desktop will mirror your Dump Truck account. If you upload a photo or video into Dump Truck from your mobile device while on the go, it will sync into your Dump Truck folder and be made available on all of your devices that have Dump Truck installed.

Once you install Dump Truck on your computer, you can use the Dump Truck icon in the task or menu bar for quick access to:

  • Dump Truck Web App
  • Your Dump Truck folder
  • View your available storage space
  • Get more storage space
  • Send Golden Frog your feedback
  • Dump Truck preferences
  • Dump Truck support

Download Dump Truck Desktop and start syncing all of your files into Dump Truck. It’s available on Mac and Windows.

In the next couple of days we will explore the Dump Truck Web App in Part 2 of our “Welcome to Dump Truck” blog series. The Web App allows you to access Dump Truck from any web browser, and allows you to share your files with public links. Check back soon for the next post in our blog series.

Remember, we include 5GB of FREE Dump Truck online storage with every VyprVPN account, or you can sign up here for a FREE 5GB Dump Truck account!

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