Goodbye, Dump Truck


Goodbye, Dump Truck

October 19, 2015

As of December 19, 2015 Golden Frog’s secure online storage product, Dump Truck, will be discontinued. We’re sad to see Dump Truck go, but excited to focus our efforts on our other two products – VyprVPN and Cyphr.

Why are we saying goodbye to Dump Truck? 

We’ve seen overwhelming success with our personal VPN product, VyprVPN, so we’ve decided to focus efforts on that product. With the increased focus on VyprVPN we’ll be able to provide product enhancements and continue to introduce new server locations around the world.

The storage market has also changed significantly over the past several years. Since storage is now ubiquitous and free, the demand for a product like Dump Truck has changed.

What do I do with files currently stored on Dump Truck?

If you’re currently using Dump Truck, you’ll need to transfer your files out of the program prior to December 19. You can transfer your files off Dump Truck quickly and easily by using our Sync app, or by using a third-party WebDAV app

View detailed instructions on how to transfer your files off Dump Truck

Note: Help center links above are no longer active, as the Dump Truck shut down date has passed.

We recommend moving your files to one of our storage provider partners, DigitalSafe and SpiderOak. We are pleased to offer the following special deals to Dump Truck users:

DigitalSafe: 50% off all monthly and yearly plans (with 17% additional off yearly) + extended 60-day trial – Access this offer

SpiderOak: Free 60-day trial of SpiderOakONE with 42% off monthly plan – Access this offer

DigitalSafe Secure and Private Document Storage and Sharing is located in Switzerland. DigitalSafe customers can securely manage and create encrypted passwords and store and share notes and documents of all types, with the protection of Swiss Privacy Laws using Military Grade Encryption. The service also comes with a private and secure Swiss hosted email service. Your data is fully encrypted in DigitalSafe and scanned for viruses as you back it up. Golden Frog customers can test drive DigitalSafe with an extended 60-day trial and receive a 50% discount off all plans including yearly plans (with an additional 17% off yearly plans).

SpiderOak offers encrypted ‘zero-knowledge’ private backup, sync and sharing. You alone have complete access, flexibility and control of your data. Enjoy usage on unlimited devices and restore any of your data at any time, including all versions of your file. To continue to save and share your files privately, we have a special offer for Golden Frog Dump Truck users. Start with a FREE 60-day trial of SpiderOakONE and upgrade at the special price of $4 for 30GB a month (normally $7)!

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