Even “Techies” Can be Hacked

Even “Techies” Can be Hacked

February 1, 2011

Free Public Wi-Fi Issues Exposed at Global Conference

Concerns about the safety and security of public Wi-Fi came into light at the recent Digital Life Design Conference, an annual global science and technology event. Attendees of the event were granted access to the free Wi-Fi network, and a participant demonstrated how easy it was to “hack” into the social network accounts of those using the Wi-Fi. By utilizing the controversial “FireSheep,” a Firefox extension that demonstrates HTTP (non-encrypted) session hijacking attacks, this person was able to gain access to information on the computers, laptops and PDAs that were connected to the Wi-Fi network. As a result of this exercise, the vulnerabilities of Wi-Fi communications were shown – users’ devices often aren’t secured or protected when on public access networks.

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