Facebook Phone Makes Mobile More Social (and Dangerous) than Ever

Facebook Phone Makes Mobile More Social (and Dangerous) than Ever

April 4, 2013

There is a lot of buzz surrounding the new HTC Facebook phone. The software is designed to be a simple Android app and a user interface which fully takes over the traditional Android user interface.

This move by Facebook drives home an important point: going social on a mobile device is happening more often today than ever before. This shouldn’t be surprising since a growing number of social media features are designed for mobile users and real-time interaction. While the Facebook phone will make going social easier, it does very little to address personal privacy and data security.

A More Social Mobile Phone Puts Sensitive Personal Data at Risk

Mobile phones often connect to the Internet via local Wi-Fi hotspots. Unfortunately, most of these hotspots feature little security or protection. It is trivial for a malicious hacker or data thief to steal personal information as it passes through Wi-Fi hotspots. Even secure Wi-Fi hotspots are increasingly vulnerable.

To compound the problem, Facebook is notorious for not respecting the user privacy and makes it difficult for users to understand and edit privacy settings . More than 13 million users have never altered the default privacy settings and 28 percent share everything on their wall with the public. In 2012, more than 10 percent of households (7 million) using Facebook had their personal information compromised.

The Easiest Solution: Personal VPN

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a simple, yet effective security measure. The majority of information theft from mobile devices occurs when using unsecure Wi-Fi networks. To secure Internet communications, a VPN encrypts all data as it passes from the mobile device to the VPN server. This adds a layer of security to mobile browsing and prevents others from intercepting your personal data.

Golden Frog Offers a “One Tap” VPN Solution

Manually configuring a VPN connection takes time and has discouraged many users from equipping their mobile devices with VPNs. To overcome this problem, Golden Frog has developed a simple “one tap” VPN solution: VyprVPN for Android. After installing the app, users can activate VyprVPN with a “single tap” and gain access to servers in North America, Europe, and Asia. To make it even easier, users can auto-select the server location closest to them. This maximizes Internet speeds, provides Internet security and grants online freedom.

The New HTC Facebook Phone Makes VyprVPN More Valuable than Ever

The Facebook phone is designed to bring social media to the forefront of the mobile device experience. While it makes interacting with friends and family on Facebook easier, mobile data may be exposed to security threats. VyprVPN for Android is a solution that immediately makes connecting to social media sites safer by encrypting your connection and protecting your sensitive personal information. Learn more about VyprVPN for Android

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