FCC Chairman Wheeler Tours Data Foundry’s Texas 1 to Discuss the Open Internet


FCC Chairman Wheeler Tours Data Foundry’s Texas 1 to Discuss the Open Internet

April 14, 2015

Golden Frog

Today, Golden Frog and its sister company Data Foundry were privileged to host FCC chairman Tom Wheeler at Data Foundry’s Texas 1 data center in Austin, Texas. We were anxious to thank the Chairman for his courageous work in standing up to the monopolistic ISPs and leading the FCC to adopt new open Internet rules earlier this year. To our delight, the Chairman led off the meeting by thanking both Golden Frog and Data Foundry for their support in fighting for an open Internet for many years.

During the meeting, we mentioned that many Golden Frog customers utilize VyprVPN to get better Netflix performance, and how that is proof that the ISPs are at best, not dealing with traffic congestion and at worst, inspecting packets and throttling bandwidth intensive traffic.

We discussed how the Great Firewall in China uses DPI to inspect and identify VPN traffic (but VyprVPN counteracts that with its Chameleon technology). We’d hate to see the ISPs in this country start acting like the Great Firewall where they identify and attempt to limit encryption technologies.

Golden Frog president Sunday Yokubaitis and Chairman Wheeler talk encryption.

We also talked about the FCC’s role in the fight for online privacy as they will in the near future evaluate Verizon’s “supercookies” program. They’ll also hold an upcoming workshop on broadband consumer privacy. We are pleased to see the FCC will fight for consumer online privacy.

Finally, though the Chairman, has toured many data centers, we joined him on his tour of Data Foundry’s Texas 1 data center that showcases the redundant power, cooling and robust physical security of a state-of-the art facility. The Chairman also toured the Fiber Room, where18 fiber carriers connect into Texas 1. That’s where the open Internet starts!

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