Firesheep Packet Sniffer: New Threat to Wi-Fi Security

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Firesheep Packet Sniffer: New Threat to Wi-Fi Security

December 4, 2010

Using a public Wi-Fi network without a VPN just got more dangerous. Firesheep, a new packet-sniffing Firefox add-on, makes it easier than ever for malicious users to take advantage of unsecured wireless networks in cafés, airports and more. 

If you’re on an unsecured network, a Firesheep user can instantly access your information and activity. Worse, he can take over your identity to access all areas of the sites you are visiting – as if he is you.

Here’s how it works:

  • A Firesheep user connects to the same network you’re on
  • He clicks a “Start Capturing” button
  • Firesheep presents names and photos of users connected to the network
  • The current websites accessed by each user are also listed
  • The Firesheep user sees you in the list, and double-clicks on your photo
  • He is instantly logged-in as you, seeing what you see  

Once the Firesheep user hijacks your session, he can access data, read e-mails, perform transactions and participate in communications as if he is you.

We created VyprVPN to protect people from these kinds of privacy breaches. VyprVPN protects your information from Firesheep by encrypting all communication – even when the site isn’t using SSL. 

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