The Surveillance Continues: France Ratifies Its Own Surveillance Law

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The Surveillance Continues: France Ratifies Its Own Surveillance Law

November 1, 2015

Not long after CISA – a US surveillance bill – passed through the US Senate and continued forward, France has ratified a surveillance law of its own. As stated by Access, this law “threatens privacy worldwide,” as it allows France to conduct mass surveillance on an international scale. The bill, called the “Proposition de loi relative aux mesures de surveillance des communications électroniques internationals,” was ratified last week and also includes provisions for data retention.

The bill is very invasive and has little oversight built in, so its power – and potential for abuse – is great. Internet users should be highly concerned about their privacy as a result of this legislation. Unfortunately other similar bills have previously been passed in France, including the “French Patriot Act.” Some of these laws have been contested, and declared as unconstitutional.

This is yet another alarming example of surveillance legislation, continuing a scary trend around the world. Invasive, privacy-violating legislation has also recently been passed in GermanyAustralia and Russia.

Learn more in the Access Press Release and Next Inpact news article.

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