Get an Encrypted Tutanota Email Account to Protect Your Mailbox


Get an Encrypted Tutanota Email Account to Protect Your Mailbox

September 15, 2015

Exclusive Deal for VyprVPN Customers

Golden Frog is proud to announce that our partner, Tutanota, is offering VyprVPN customers an exclusive special. VyprVPN customers can upgrade to Tutanota Premium for only 1 € per month. When you upgrade, Tutanota will give you 5 GB of storage instead of the usual 1 GB! This special offer is valid until September 24th. Try Tutanota now and take back your email privacy.

Tutanota is a German-based free and open source email service that encrypts your entire mailbox automatically. Tutanota lets you send end-to-end encrypted emails to anybody with a tip of your finger.

With Tutanota You Get

  • An automatically encrypted mailbox that only you can decrypt
  • 1 GB of free storage (no expiration date), 5 GB if you upgrade to Premium now
  • End-to-end encrypted emails to anyone
  • Normal emails protected with TLS/PFS/DANE
  • IP addresses stripped from all emails sent and received
  • Available as webmail, Android & iOS Apps
  • Tutanota’s code is open source and published on GitHub

Take back your email privacy. Try Tutanota now and get 5 GB of storage during our special offer.

Offer valid through September 24, 2015 at 12pm CET/7am EST.

Golden Frog’s Privacy Marketplace

Tutanota is a trusted service that fights for online privacy. Tutanota and all of our partners can be found in Golden Frog’s Privacy Marketplace. The Privacy Marketplace is our collection of recommended services and organizations that support online privacy, security and freedom, and is a great place to go when looking for additional tools to protect yourself online.

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