Golden Frog and Demand Progress Partner to Continue Fight for Internet Privacy and Freedom

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Golden Frog and Demand Progress Partner to Continue Fight for Internet Privacy and Freedom

March 1, 2016

We’re excited to announce we’ve officially partnered with Demand Progress to fight for online privacy and an open Internet, and to fight against mass surveillance by the government! As part of this partnership, Demand Progress supporters can get VyprVPN service with 1 GB of free data for the first month and 500 MB recurring in subsequent months, plus 25% off yearly plans. Click here to access this deal.

Golden Frog and Demand Progress have been working together on various initiatives for some time, and we share similar viewpoints on ECPA reform, Net Neutrality & open Internet issues, encryption and ending surveillance. You can learn more about our efforts below. We both take action to enact change, Golden Frog on the policy side and by building tools to empower people to protect their privacy online, and Demand Progress through grassroots lobbying.

Demand Progress’s Policy Director Daniel Schuman will also be speaking on our SXSW Take Back Your Internet panel this year, joining the debate about backdoor encryption.

Issues that Demand Progress & Golden Frog Work On

  • ECPA Reform: Demand Progress is actively working on  ECPA Reform, and Golden Frog went to DC twice in 2015 to talk to legislators about ECPA reform.
  • Net Neutrality/Open Internet Issues: Demand Progress led the Battle for the Net campaign, and Golden Frog addressed these issues in their vision paper. Golden Frog also hosted a Take Back Your Internet panel on Open Internet and Net Neutrality at last year’s SXSW.
  • Save Crypto Petition: Both organizations signed on to this effort, asking the United States president to protect strong encryption. Signatures crossed the 100,000 vote threshold, so the White House responded to the petition.
  • End Mass Surveillance: Golden Frog signed a coalition letter Demand Progress created, and Demand Progress authored a guest blog post on the Golden Frog blog.

Read Demand Progress’ Medium post to learn more: Demand Progress partnering with Golden Frog to fight surveillance

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