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October 12, 2015

At Golden Frog, we work hard to provide our users with the best solutions to protect their online privacy and security. In addition to the products we create, we’re committed to building a third-party application and partner ecosystem. This approach allows us to focus on our core competencies while still providing an inclusive set of tools to our users.

Golden Frog is extremely focused at the network-level, and we provide exceptional network protection with our products VyprVPN and Cyphr. Our core competencies include running a fast, world-class network, managing global infrastructure, providing easy and intuitive applications and innovating with protocols like Chameleon and zero-knowledge DNS services.

Rather than provide a broad, encompassing solution, we focus on providing an outstanding product for encrypting at the network level. We then partner with best-in-breed companies to provide users with an entire “ecosystem” of complimentary services to choose from. There is no one-size-fits-all solution at Golden Frog, and this variety of options allows every user to build out a privacy and security solution that fits their individual needs. Our ecosystem includes encrypted email, password protection and secure online storage tools.

We also recognize that our customers are using a variety of platforms which all require a high level of privacy and security.  We currently offer applications for WindowsMaciOSAndroid, select routers and smart TVs and a CLI for Linux. We’re focused on building additional applications to ensure our customers can achieve privacy and security online, and continually strive to offer them what they need. We are currently establishing partnerships and working on product features based on customer requests submitted to us on our Ideas form, Golden Frog Ideas.

There are many providers in the privacy and security space, but I can’t emphasize enough the importance of selecting providers you trust. It’s imperative you know the company behind the product, and can rely on them to keep your information safe. We work hard to seek out trustworthy partners, and have a Privacy Marketplace where users can find them. Our marketplace showcases partners Golden Frog trusts and feels good about recommending, as well as those who share our mission.

To learn more about our partner ecosystem, visit the Privacy Marketplace now.

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