Golden Frog NOT Part of NSA’s PRISM Project, Offers Solution

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Golden Frog NOT Part of NSA’s PRISM Project, Offers Solution

June 10, 2013

There are many definitions for “prism”; the one I like is from the Free Dictionary “a medium that misrepresents whatever is seen through it.” It is therefore interesting that the government would select PRISM as the name for the latest privacy concern to come to light.

The Guardian recently published excerpts from a top-secret PowerPoint presentation used to train intelligence operatives on “PRISM.” This National Security Agency project is able to access detailed information held by leading Internet companies. While much still remains unknown about this and other NSA programs, the revelation certainly raises a number of privacy questions, particularly around the use of cloud services.

There are two ways to protect on-line privacy; effective legislation and encryption. These are not mutually exclusive; however. While most rely on legislation, many have realized they can better protect themselves by using encryption technologies.

Golden Frog is not part of PRISM. We run 100% of our own infrastructure and do not rely on third party hosting providers. We provide a higher level of protection for our customers than other VPN and Cloud Storage service providers that may have been compromised by this program.

We founded Golden Frog because we believe the Internet should be open and free; that users should enjoy an open and secure Internet experience that respects their privacy. I recently documented our vision in a white paper entitled “Peace Prosperity and the Case for the Open Internet.” It describes the challenges to freedom and offers a solution we call “the Second Amendment of the Internet.” I invite you to read this paper and take up the cause to protect your on-line privacy.

We cannot continue to surrender privacy based on some notion it will provide better “security”. Our founders easily resolved that question long ago: “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety” – Benjamin Franklin, November 11, 1755.

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