Golden Frog Partners with DigitalSafe

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Golden Frog Partners with DigitalSafe

November 5, 2015

We’ve partnered with DigialSafe to offer our customers enhanced privacy and security for their files, and a document storage solution they can trust. Like Golden Frog, DigitalSafe is a premium service provider and implements the strongest levels of encryption. As part of the partnership, DigitalSafe is now offering VyprVPN customers an exclusive special on their secure document storage and sharing. VyprVPN customers can get an extended 60-day trial with 50% off all DigitalSafe monthly and yearly plans, plus an additional 17% off yearly plans. Click here to sign up now.

What is DigitalSafe?

DigitalSafe Secure and Private Document Storage and Sharing is located in Switzerland. DigitalSafe customers can securely manage and create encrypted passwords and store and share notes and documents of all types, with the protection of Swiss Privacy Laws using Military Grade Encryption. Your data is fully encrypted in DigitalSafe and scanned for viruses as you back it up.

Benefits of DigitalSafe 

  • Your Swiss safe for all your data
  • End-to-end encrypted and private emails stored in Switzerland
  • Your data stays private and secure in Switzerland
  • Security is the primary concern

Click here to sign up now.

Golden Frog’s Privacy Marketplace

Did you know Golden Frog has a Privacy Marketplace? The Privacy Marketplace is our collection of recommended services and organizations that support online privacy, security and freedom. You can find more information about DigitalSafe and Golden Frog’s other partners in the Privacy Marketplace.

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