Golden Frog Partners with Protonet’s Free Your Data

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Golden Frog Partners with Protonet’s Free Your Data

November 19, 2015

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Protonet’s Free Your Data – a political crowd campaign to help people take back their data from the tracking, collection and selling of user data that’s so prevalent online. Free Your Data believes your data is your “digital identity,” and it should remain yours. They’ve created a petition to demand “data sovereignty” from the companies and corporations who so frequently collect and sell this data. You can visit to learn more and sign the petition to support the cause.

“Customers should demand transparency from their providers, so they can choose how to protect their data.”

said Sunday Yokubaitis, president of Golden Frog. As a company that fights for online privacy and security, we are proud to partner with an organization like Free Your Data. We fully support Free Your Data’s efforts to protect user data and privacy, and to fight back against the privacy violations that take places so frequently around the Internet. Everyone has a right to online privacy and security, and deserves transparency into how their data is being used.

How to Protect Your Privacy

Using a VPN, like our VyprVPN, is a good way to protect your privacy online. VyprVPN encrypts your Internet connection so you can browse securely from any location, and in doing so protects your data from hackers, third-party snoops and anyone else who is looking to track or sell it. View Golden Frog’s episode on to learn more.

As part of this partnership we’re also offering all Free Your Data supporters a special discount on VyprVPN. Free Your Data supporters can get 1 GB of free data in their first month, and 25% off annual plans. Click here to take advantage of this offer.

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Demand Data Sovereignty – Sign the Petition Now

View Golden Frog’s Episode on

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