How to Safely Travel in the Era of Free Wi-Fi

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How to Safely Travel in the Era of Free Wi-Fi

July 1, 2014

The summer vacation season is underway, and while you may be looking forward to taking a few days off work, the thieves, fraudsters and con artists of the world have no intention of doing so.

If you are planning to completely unplug during your vacation, more power to you. However, most of us intend to stay connected to email, social networks and Web resources to enhance our traveling experience. This means jumping on public WiFi networks at airports, hotels, cafes and coffee shops. Unfortunately, these hotspots are notoriously dangerous and the bad guys are lurking to scam users to gain access to their identity and financial data.

For anyone who plans to connect to public WiFi this summer, it’s imperative you deploy a Personal VPN service when you’re online. A VPN will encrypt your Internet connection and mask your IP address to keep data sniffers and cyber criminals at bay for a private and secure browsing experience. Golden Frog is currently offering a 3-day free trial of VyprVPN so summer travelers can protect themselves.

Here a few more practical travel tips:

  • Backup your mobile device and PC before taking it on a trip
  • Use secure sites with web addresses beginning with “https”
  • Always use a credit card instead of a debit card or checking account
  • Don’t pay your credit card or check your bank balance on public WiFi unless you’re using a VPN service
  • Turn off Bluetooth on your devices when not in use

We hope these easy travel tips help out. We want you to enjoy your vacation and not have to focus on recovering from a cyber attack. If you don’t already have VyprVPN, try our 3-day free trial.

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