How to Watch the Rio Olympics with a VPN and Improve Your Experience

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How to Watch the Rio Olympics with a VPN and Improve Your Experience

July 27, 2016

The 2016 Rio Summer Olympics are almost here! To help you get ready for this year’s games, we’ve outlined the best ways to watch using a VPN.

The XXXI Olympic Games

This year marks the XXXI Olympic Games, which are taking place in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. The Olympics will run from August 5 – August 21, and athletes from around the world (over 200 nations!) will be participating in the games. Popular events this year include gymnastics, track and field, swimming tennis, rowing, cycling and more.

Using a VPN to Watch the Olympics

Did you know that using a VPN allows you to improve your viewing experience of the Rio de Janeiro 2016 summer Olympics? A VPN offers many benefits when watching the Olympics, including:

Speed: Bypass throttling or congested networks to achieve the fastest speeds when streaming the Olympic games from any location. This could be from your phone while on the go (think airport Wi-Fi, you’ll have better privacy protections in this case, too), from your home computer or from anywhere else you might be.

Access: Access the Olympic broadcast of your choice – whether that be in your home country or another nation around the world. Generally broadcasts are tailored to the country they’re shown in, but using a VPN allows you to select which country’s coverage you want to see. For example, if you’re travelling abroad but still want to watch your home country’s broadcast to catch all your favorite athletes – a VPN can help!

Get Right to the Sports: Some countries infuse their Olympic coverage with lengthy backstories on athletes, as well as build in delays in broadcasting so they may provide context before hand or account for time zone differences. While the filler information is interesting, you may prefer to get straight to the sports and watch live. With VyprVPN, you can change your IP address to any of our 50+ worldwide server locations, selecting which country’s broadcast(s) you want to watch and avoiding any unwanted delays, filler or adjusted coverage.

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How to Watch the Rio Olympics with a VPN

Want to watch the Rio Olympics but don’t know how? Simply connect using a VPN, then get ready to enjoy an improved experience. You can select to watch from any location so you don’t miss your favorite team — no matter where you are! Make sure to check out this year’s official programming schedule and mark your calendars with your favorite events.

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Now you know when to watch, how to watch and why a VPN is an essential tool to improve your Olympic viewing experience. All that’s left to do is get your VPN up and running!

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