Improve Your Internet Privacy: Delete Your Search History


Improve Your Internet Privacy: Delete Your Search History

February 26, 2017

Internet browsers are so much a part of our lives, most of us don’t think twice about using them whenever we search for information, images, websites or other details online. While search engines are an extremely helpful tool, they also pose many risks. Aside from enabling you to quickly and easily find the information you’re looking for, conducting searches online also results in a great deal of information being collected about you. Many people fail to consider just what is revealed when they search online.

When using a search engine, many parties including the browser and your ISP may be obtaining private information about you – starting with your search results. They have insight into every term or item you search for, as well as what you do after clicking the Search button. Beyond these results, the search engine or company can also obtain information such as your IP address (which reveals your location), sites you visit and length of time you conduct various online activities. A quick look through your search history reveals the great amount of information recorded about your activity during each and every session.

Privacy Risks

With all this information being collected, search engines and browsers are able to gain an intimate look at their users compiling a picture of interests, connections and other details about your life based upon online activities. This information is also stored for other users of your computer or device to view. Some companies even sell the data they collect, putting it into the hands of advertisers or third parties who use it for a variety of purposes. Do you want all these unknown parties knowing details about you?

Introducing Internet Privacy Guides

In the new Internet Privacy Guides section of our website, we share ways to delete your browsing history from major search engines like Google, and major browsers including FireFox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and more. These How To guides explain, step-by-step, how to delete your browsing history to better improve your online privacy. Check out the guides below to get started today!

We have more guides coming soon for a variety of devices and accounts, so be sure to watch our blog and Internet Privacy Guides section for new content in the coming weeks.

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