Join EFF’s Day of Action: Tell the Government to Stop Hacking Computers, Reject Changes to Rule 41


Join EFF’s Day of Action: Tell the Government to Stop Hacking Computers, Reject Changes to Rule 41

June 20, 2016

Golden Frog signed on to a coalition letter organized by EFF that aims to stop changes to Rule 41. The changes to federal Rule 41 would allow law enforcement to more easily “break into our computers, take data, and engage in remote surveillance.” The changes would have an effect for anyone using a computer and the Internet around the world, and specifically those using tools like VPNs. If it passes, this update would go live on December 1, 2016.

We are supporting EFF – along with many other groups – in a Day of Action to stop the changes to Rule 41. We urge you to join us in fighting back against these invasive surveillance measures.More detail on how you can get involved is below.

What is Rule 41?

  • The ability for federal magistrate judges to issue warrants for law enforcement. With the new changes, these warrants could be used to conduct remote searches of computers even if located outside of the magistrate’s jurisdiction.
  • The changes are applicable to someone using “technological means” to conceal their location; investigations of botnets.

How Does Rule 41 Impact You?

Rule 41 has many scary implications, including the following:

  • An increase in the frequency of law enforcement agents hacking into computers.
  • A large impact for people who are most concerned about privacy and using tools like VPNs and Tor – they are a specific target of this rule.
  • Warrants that would be applied to computers all around the world, even if the magistrate judge didn’t knowingly sign off on that scope.
  • A single warrant could be applied to search thousands of computers, which is a 4th Amendment violation.
  • Hacking causes serious implications for users and devices, leaving them vulnerable and at risk.

What Can You Do?

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