Kill Switch is Now Available in the VyprVPN Desktop Apps


Kill Switch is Now Available in the VyprVPN Desktop Apps

September 10, 2014

We received many votes on Golden Frog Ideas for a Kill Switch feature in our VyprVPN desktop apps. After months of hard work, we are happy to announce Kill Switch is available in VyprVPN for Windows and Mac!

What is Kill Switch?

Kill Switch is a feature that users can enable to automatically “kill” or block their Internet connection whenever VyprVPN is disconnected. Except for network communications related to running VyprVPN services, Kill Switch will block all other Internet and network communication.

Why use Kill Switch?

Some users mistakenly connect to the Internet without enabling their VPN. Sometimes they don’t realize their VPN has disconnected. In both cases, users are unknowingly exposing their personal data. Kill Switch ensures you never connect to the Internet without VPN protection.

Customize how you want to use Kill Switch

We made it easy to enable Kill Switch at the application or system level based on your security preferences.

  • Application Level – Kill Switch will function when you are logged in to VyprVPN and have the application running. If VyprVPN is disconnected, Kill Switch will automatically block your Internet connection.
  • System Level – Kill Switch will function when you are logged in to VyprVPN, even if the VyprVPN application is not running. You will not be able to access the Internet until you connect to VyprVPN.

Note: If you log out of VyprVPN, Kill Switch will not function on the App or System level.

You can also configure Kill Switch to allow or block LAN traffic depending on how much security you need.


VyprVPN makes Kill Switch easy

Finding an elegant way to implement a Kill Switch feature for our users was an exciting challenge. We worked hard to ensure Kill Switch for VyprVPN Windows and Mac was both powerful and easy-to-use. The effort was a tremendous success and we are proud to offer the most intuitive and easy to use Kill Switch feature of any VPN app.

Continue to submit and vote for the features you want!

We appreciate your ideas and want to hear what VyprVPN features you’d like to see next. Like Kill Switch, we will continue to provide new features our users request to offer the best VyprVPN experience possible. Leave your feedback on Golden Frog Ideas.

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