Major Mimo Update: v0.2.0 – “The New Core”


Major Mimo Update: v0.2.0 – “The New Core”

February 15, 2011

Golden Frog is pleased to release Mimo Usenet Browser 0.2.0. We completely overhauled Mimo’s core downloading engine, resulting in faster speeds, fewer lockups, and better download management.

If you’ve tried Mimo in the past but put it aside because of download or stability problems, you should try this release.  Many customer bug reports have been addressed with this release.

Below is an overview of the update:

  • Try out “PAR in Parallel” with this update. PAR verification now runs in parallel as each file is downloading without pausing the download.  We’ve seen resulting download speeds increase by 100%!
  • Mimo will now download the highest priority item in your queue first.  When you have multiple items in your download queue, you’ll get your first item sooner.
  • Pending downloads will now resume when you restart Mimo.
  • Mimo will now pause and resume downloads properly.
  • New Feature: You can now change the priority on download jobs.  Right-click on a job in the Downloads tab, and select one of the “move” options.  You can also pause jobs and the next download will begin automatically.

Beyond Mimo v0.2.0 Beta: What’s Next?

This release sets the stage for continued improvements and new features. The next major change will be a complete user interface overhaul.  Mimo currently resembles other Usenet clients available on the market – raw and unpolished.  With the core download engine improved, Golden Frog is ready to focus its attention on the user interface and user experience.

Please remember that Mimo is still in Beta, so Golden Frog continues to need your feedback.  Please submit bugs, request new features and receive updates from the Golden Frog Dev team in our newsgroup at giganews.mimo.

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