Mimo Update v0.2.2 & The New UI


Mimo Update v0.2.2 & The New UI

May 30, 2021

What’s New in v0.2.2
We are pleased to announce the next beta release of the Mimo Usenet Browser.  Download the free update now. The primary changes in this release focused on two key areas:

  1. Bug fixes and performance improvements: This new release specifically targeted some the performance of the newly overhauled internal engine of the last couple releases. You can now download large amounts of newsgroup information without running Mimo out of memory.
  2. First glimpse of the new User Interface (UI): Our new sidebar for downloads and group bookmarks is debuting in this release of Mimo. We’re excited to start coding the newly designed UI.

Full details are available in our Change Log.

Mimo’s New UI
Last year we asked our UI designers to focus on making Mimo even easier to use. And now that we have Mimo’s internal engine optimized, a team of our developers are switching their focus to the UI. But don’t worry, our core team will still be working on implementing new features, bug fixes, and performance enhancements.

Due to our iterative development process, we are able to release updates more frequently. We do this so our users can take advantage of our latest development efforts and provide us with faster feedback. The UI work will follow this iterative method as we release new bits of the new UI as we finish them.

It’s important to note this frequent release schedule will often cause parts of the UI to be in a “functional” state, but not necessarily a “final” state. Mimo is still beta, and we are walking around here with hard hats on.

Thanks for joining us on our journey with Mimo!

Download the free update now.

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