Mr. Robot TV Show Highlights Real Life Privacy Concerns

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Mr. Robot TV Show Highlights Real Life Privacy Concerns

November 13, 2015

A new show on the USA Network called Mr. Robot just wrapped up its first season. The show is about a cyber-security expert (Elliot) who hacks and busts “bad guys” as a hobby, and is ultimately recruited to join an underground hacker organization working to bring down corporate America. Elliot then encounters the anarchist Mr. Robot, and the show follows their efforts in hacking and fighting evils together. You can learn more here.

We think it’s great there’s a show shedding some light on Internet privacy issues, and the social media buzz it received is also exciting. As the show illustrates, once you have someone’s personal information you have tremendous leverage with which to manipulate them. What we’d like people to realize is that what is portrayed in the show is also something that is going on in real life. Our private information and right to privacy is actively being encroached upon by governments, criminals, corporations and other entities. So the real world is even more dangerous than what’s being portrayed in this television show.

We hope the buzz created by the TV show will turn into genuine interest, and willingness of viewers to take action on these issues. Instead of joining forces online with a fictional TV character, why not fight for your freedom and privacy in real life? One way to stand up and fight back is with Golden Frog’s VyprVPN. VyprVPN encrypts your Internet connection to protect the privacy of your information and online activity.

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