Anonymity and Privacy Are NOT the Same


Anonymity and Privacy Are NOT the Same

August 4, 2015

It’s week two of myth debunking here at Golden Frog! As we introduced last week, we are revealing disturbing trends we’ve seen in the VPN industry and debunking common myths about anonymity, logging and online privacy.

This week, we present Myth #2 and Myth #3.

Myth #2: Anonymity and privacy are the same.

Reality: Services designed to protect privacy do not eliminate all identifying data, but they do help secure communications and defend against mass surveillance by governments and private corporations.

What Golden Frog Does: Golden Frog builds tools, such as VyprVPN paired with VyprDNS, to help encrypt our users against mass surveillance and secure their Internet connections.

Myth #3: When my VPN provider advertises an “anonymous” service, that means they don’t log any identifying information about me.

Reality: Several VPN providers advertise an “anonymous service” on the marketing pages of their website, but have terms in the fine print of their privacy policy indicating they do log.

What Golden Frog DoesGolden Frog doesn’t advertise or promise that its VyprVPN service will make you anonymous on the Internet, and we clearly outline what we log in our privacy policy.

View more information on Myth #2 and Myth #3!

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