Open Letter Emphasizes the Danger of Encryption Backdoors

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Open Letter Emphasizes the Danger of Encryption Backdoors

January 12, 2016

The ongoing resistance to backdoor encryption continued this week, with the “Secure the Internet” initiative. This open letter, launched by Access Now, has already been signed by over 200 activists, organizations and businesses. This letter calls for governments to stop pushing for backdoor encryption and uphold the right to online privacy through strong encryption.

Distilled into 5 main points on SecureTheInternet.org, the letter calls for the following:

  • Governments should not ban or otherwise limit user access to encryption in any form or otherwise prohibit the implementation or use of encryption by grade or type;
  • Governments should not mandate the design or implementation of “backdoors” or vulnerabilities into tools, technologies, or services;
  • Governments should not require that tools, technologies, or services are designed or developed to allow for third-party access to unencrypted data or encryption keys;
  • Governments should not seek to weaken or undermine encryption standards or intentionally influence the establishment of encryption standards except to promote a higher level of information security. No government should mandate insecure encryption algorithms, standards, tools, or technologies; and
  • Governments should not, either by private or public agreement, compel or pressure an entity to engage in activity that is inconsistent with the above tenets.

We’re excited to see so many groups around the world banding together in support of encryption, and are encouraged by news that the Netherlands and France both recently rejected backdoor encryption. At Golden Frog we are strongly opposed to encryption backdoors, and believe everyone has a right to protect their privacy via encryption. It’s essential we continue to fight the invasive measures being pushed by the government, and continue to build encryption into our technology.

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