VyprVPN for Android Now Supports Port Selection!


VyprVPN for Android Now Supports Port Selection!

June 2, 2015

We’re happy to announce that Android VPN users can now use Port Selection! Configure which port the OpenVPN and Chameleon protocols should use for more reliable, successful connections.

Why Use Port Selection?

Before, VyprVPN used the default port when attempting to make a VPN connection. Occasionally the port will be blocked or throttled, compromising our users’ ability to successfully connect and encrypt their Internet connection.

Port selection allows users to access a wide range of UDP ports so that they can defeat this intentional port blocking or throttling. Manually or automatically scan for open ports to get more consistent and successful VyprVPN connections.

Use Port Selection on VyprVPN for Android and our VyprVPN Desktop apps.

Port selection is only available for Pro and Premier plans. If you want protection for your Internet connection while at home or on the go, try VyprVPN today!

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