Private Sharing Beta Now Available for Dump Truck


Private Sharing Beta Now Available for Dump Truck

January 5, 2014

We are excited to announce the Beta of the new Private Sharing feature for Dump Truck. Using the Dump Truck Web App, users can now use Private Sharing to easily and securely collaborate on files and folders with other Dump Truck users. This new feature is ideal for small businesses, and for sharing files with family and friends. Users can also easily invite anyone to access shared folders and assign a permission level, with just an email address. When a privately shared file or folder is changed, added or deleted, the changes synchronize to all users who have joined the share.

Previously, Dump Truck only enabled users to share files and/or folders with others via a Public Link. Users also had the option to add an expiration date and a password to the link but they could not collaborate on these files. The new Private Sharing feature now allows for collaboration, easy access and secure sharing!

Dump Truck Private Sharing Features

  • Any changes to a folder will show up for all users who have access to it, allowing for easier and better collaboration
  • There are multiple permission level options for each folder. You can also edit the permission level after you share the folder
  • Unlike many competitors, we support Read Only access. If you choose this option, users can view files but cannot modify them
  • With the right permission levels, users can move, rename and edit shared files and folders
  • Users can access shared files across all Dump Truck desktop, mobile and web applications

How to Get Started

You don’t have to sign up for the Private Sharing Beta. Here’s how you can get started:

  1. If you’re not an existing user, you can sign up for a FREE 5GB account today.
  2. If you’re an existing Dump Truck user, update the Dump Truck Mac or Windowsapp
  3. Log into the Beta version of the Web App and start sharing folders with Dump Truck users using their email address
  4. Share your valuable feedback with us by using the Beta Feedback form on the page

Desktop App Update Required

Although you can share folders via Private Sharing only through the web app, you can access shared folders via our desktop apps. Privately shared files will be synced to your desktop using the Dump Truck desktop app. We recently updated the Dump Truck Macand Windows apps to version 1.2.2 to support the Private Sharing beta. In order to use Private Sharing, you must update the Dump Truck desktop app. Note: You could lose some of your data if you don’t update your apps first. Update from within the app by clicking on “Update Available” in the main menu, or you can download the latest version of the app on our website.

Dump Truck Desktop Version 1.2.2 Changes Include:

  • Compatibility with Private Sharing folder permissions
  • Multiple sync defects resolved
  • Sync speed improvements
  • Added ability to Pause/Resume sync (Mac only)
  • Ability to choose location for Dump Truck folder during setup (Mac only)
  • Improved software update process (Mac only)

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