Protect Your Online Privacy and Security with Dashlane


Protect Your Online Privacy and Security with Dashlane

June 30, 2015

Exclusive Deal for VyprVPN Customers

Golden Frog is proud to announce that our partner, Dashlane, is offering VyprVPN customers an exclusive special. VyprVPN customers can get 6 months of Dashlane Premium, the world’s best password manager, for FREE by visiting this page and claiming the exclusive special offer.

What is a password manger and why do I need one?

A password manger, like Dashlane, uses encryption to store your passwords in a secure password vault. Instead of using the same few passwords for every online account – which is a hacker’s dream come true – Dashlane automatically generates a unique, complex password for each account, and remembers them all for you. Without using Dashlane to protect your passwords, hackers and 3rd-party snoops can use the same few passwords you use everywhere to log in to your private accounts, putting your identity at risk.

Dashlane is a simple solution that:

  • Secures your online identity across all your devices.
  • Remembers all your passwords for you, so you can stop forgetting and resetting passwords.
  • Logs you into your websites automatically, so you can stop typing your passwords.
  • Easily creates strong, secure passwords with a single click. No more remembering complicated, unique passwords and worrying if your passwords are really secure, random or unbreakable.
  • Automatically notifies you when a data breach occurs on a site you belong to, so you can use Dashlane to change your password instantly with a single click.

What makes Dashlane different?

“Dashlane values user privacy and features architecture, which prevents anyone, including Dashlane, from accessing users’ personal information.” –  TheNextWeb

“…Dashlane is extremely secure, keeping your information private and encrypted.” – PCMag, Editors’ Choice

“The app fills in password, payment, and shipping specs with nearly twice the accuracy of its competitors.” – Popular Science

“Unlike other password managers, Dashlane encrypts your personal info and account passwords with AES-256 on local machine, and then syncs your account details with its online server, so that you can access accounts database from anywhere.” – Addictive Tips

What do you get with this Dashlane exclusive offer?

6 months of Dashlane Premium for FREE, for first time users

Dashlane is free to store and secure unlimited passwords on one of your devices.  It frees you from the scribbled notes, spreadsheets and file folders you use to remember all your accounts. Dashlane simplifies secure storage of ALL your passwords – for life!  Logging you in with a click, filling forms in a second and enjoying the security of automatically-generated passwords that can’t be guessed or cracked.

Dashlane Premium takes that power and multiplies it across all of your devices, making passwords and secure account access available on your phone, tablet, laptop, work computer and even on the web – everywhere you go!  You’ll never forget another password.

You’ll never be at the office and think “I can’t pay that bill, I’ll write a note to do it at home,” because you’ll have your account info securely saved on your phone or work computer.  You can take action when you need.  With Dashlane on all your devices, all you need to do to keep them in sync and up-to-date everywhere is . . . nothing.  Sync and backup are automatic and completely secure.

As a premium customer, you get premium support!  Move to the front of the line and get a real person to help you with any issue you have.  Dashlane’s VIP email address gives you same-day access to the help you need.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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