RSA 2016 Highlights the Importance of Securing IoT

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RSA 2016 Highlights the Importance of Securing IoT

March 6, 2016

The RSA conference is the place where cybersecurity professionals get together to discuss the latest technologies and techniques that protect us all. If one has never been you might be overwhelmed by the professional intellect all gathered at the Moscone Center. For just one week, the Moscone plays host to the smartest minds in cyber defense, threat management, and Internet security – yet there was a central, almost tactfully dramatized focus this year – securing the Internet of Things (IoT).

So why is the Internet of Things such a concern for Internet security gurus attending the RSA conference? Simply put, every physical device is becoming connected. From smart watches to refrigerators, more devices are now connected to your network. Having so many devices available on one network creates an attractive target for any hacker. By compromising just one device, the entire network becomes vulnerable to exploitation. During the RSA conference, professionals discussed network exploitation and how the problem can be mitigated through best security practices. Fundamentally, IoT devices are susceptible to hacking; it takes additional tools to protect businesses and consumers, alike.

At the core of the IoT security concern is not the software, as is often the case with other connected devices, but rather the hardware. Here’s a good way to look at this without being technical: the front door to a house is locked but the garage has no door at all. Hackers are able to access the very base functions of a device, taking control not only of software functions but the physical device. Car hacks have been in the news for this reason, as well as the notorious Stuxnet virus which disabled a nuclear facility in Iran. Whether the Internet of Things is attacked through software or hardware, rest assured there are security tools available.

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