Secure your Connection and Stop the Snoops – Stream with a VPN

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Secure your Connection and Stop the Snoops – Stream with a VPN

October 7, 2015

As you browse online, your ISP monitors your activity and builds a profile of your Internet use. Third parties often snoop on you as well, collecting a variety of data and personal information. These practices also occur when you stream content, representing a significant risk to your privacy.

How do they do it?

Your ISP invades your privacy by monitoring your Internet traffic and keeping track of what you’re doing online. If you’re streaming content it’s more than likely they’re keeping tabs on everything you watch – including how long you watch it and what sites or services you watch it from. Third parties snoop on your Internet activity, including your communications, the content you’re streaming, apps you’re using and other personal details. They snoop on you over unsecured Internet connections (like public Wi-Fi), by installing ad trackers on sites and via other nefarious methods.

Why do they do it?

ISPs monitor your traffic so they can throttle your connection based upon your Internet activity – a practice we explained in an earlier post. Third parties snoop to gather information about website users, which they can sell to other third parties to generate a profit. They also use this information for practices like targeting online advertisements.

How to Protect Your Privacy

A VPN, and more specifically VyprVPN, is a good way to protect both your privacy and security when streaming online. Whether you’re watching the news, a sporting event or a TV show, VyprVPN encrypts your Internet connection to protect you from snooping or traffic monitoring. When using VyprVPN, no one – not even your ISP – can see what sites you are visiting or what you’d watching online. Using a VPN for streaming enables you to maintain your privacy while enjoying your favorite content online, from any site or service.

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