Skype Introducing Encryption with Private Conversations

Skype Introducing Encryption with Private Conversations

January 16, 2018

The long-awaited feature of end-to-end encryption is finally arriving to Skype’s communication platform. The company announced the aptly named feature, Private Conversations, is currently in its testing stages, but will soon cover the audio calls, text and multimedia messages of all users. Signal, a company offering an encrypted communications application, will provide Skype’s privacy protection using their robust, open-source Signal Protocol. With this change, Skype joins the ranks of other companies such as WhatsApp, Google and Facebook. Skype’s integration of Private Conversations, is said to be configured to prevent any servers and third-parties from accessing the messages they transmit, permitting only the sender and recipient of a message to view its content.

Labeled as one of the most popular communication platforms in the world, we’re pleased to hear Skype is prioritizing security and introducing encryption. Skype is used by many around the world to stay in touch and communicate over Wi-Fi, and joins the growing list of companies building encryption technology directly into their platforms. As more companies enlist cybersecurity services though, it remains important to stay vigilant on the fight for encryption itself and the ongoing efforts of governments to undermine it. Golden Frog is dedicated to protecting user privacy and security, and believes that encryption is the second amendment for the Internet – a fundamental right to all. We remain committed to this promise by advocating for strong encryption throughout products and services, and offering strong encryption ourselves through our personal VPN, VyprVPN. Ensure communications on all of your devices remain safe and secure – try VyprVPN now.

Sources: Wired

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