United Arab Emirates Blocks Snapchat VOIP Services

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United Arab Emirates Blocks Snapchat VOIP Services

April 10, 2016

Last week, it was reported that Snapchat calling and video calling were blocked in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). UAE’s major telecom providers, Etisalat and du, blocked the features, which allow users to make calls or video calls from within the Snapchat app.

Snapchat isn’t the only app or VOIP service blocked in the country. Other services like Facetime, WhatsApp and WeChat are reportedly blocked as well. VOIP is regulated in the UAE, meaning these services must be “done in coordination with licensed firms” (the 2 telecoms) so only the telecom providers offer them: “Companies wishing to provide [VOIP] services should coordinate with the UAE’s licensed service providers in this regard.”


Sources: What’s On and The National

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